Comparison of EPA Ozone Maps
(with Summary Analysis)
New York City Region - July, 1999

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Mapped interpolations of EPA ozone monitor stations data (8-hour average concentration)
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The maps downloaded 2/2000 are screen prints converted to a GIF file. The maps downloaded in 7/2000 were GIF files.
Thus, the color quality of maps downloaded 7/2000 is better.

Date Event EPA AIRNOW MAP dnld:2/2000 EPA AIRNOW MAP dnld:7/2000   PubDate

7/3/99   Epicenter: Medium increase  
7/4/99   Epicenter: Minor increase  
7/7/99   Epicenter: Minor decrease  
7/9/99   Epicenter: Minor increase.  
7/10/99   Epicenter: Minor increase.  
"The peak of the crow deaths occurred around mid-July." ?
Poignant red image missing at the epidemic epicenter. Very Major decrease.
Dr. Charos, Veterinarian,
[1998 parallel:] "In mid-July of 1998, we saw several dead crows near the Brooklyn Hospital. That's where I got this [pointing to a black feather tied to her purse]. ...two of them in the area of Lutheran Medical Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn... just laying there dead, with wings closed. There were no signs of trauma, no damage to the body. Day Starr, Queens
Manhattan becomes green! Medium decrease.
"Within weeks [from "late June" (see 6/22/99)], it was the same all over the New York City area - in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, by Long Island roadsides, on golf courses in Westchester County. Dead crows were everywhere; and sick birds, listless and disoriented, shuffled about aimlessly. [para] On Long Island, a man saw one fall right out of a tree." AP and Nando Times 12/5/99
7/16/99   ?
Epicenter: Medium decrease.
7/17/99 [Unprecedented, from 1995 onward, the NYSDEC began receiving reports every summer (mostly July) re dead birds from the NYC region.] ?
Epicenter: Major decrease.
Review of NYSDEC log
7/18/99   ?
Epicenter: Medium decrease.
7/19/99   ?
Epicenter: Major decrease.
7/23/99   ?
Epicenter: Medium decrease.
"I saw sick crows in Flushing Meadows Park in late July and told the newspapers, but I never saw my comments in print. [...] I observed them near the Olmstead Center in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park." Richard Janaccio,
science journalist
7/24/99   ?
Epicenter: Major decrease.
7/25/99   ?
Epicenter goes green, but White Plains goes yellow. Minor decrease.
"[The Bronx Zoo] pathologist, Tracey McNamara, said she became concerned in late July when she heard that a large number of crows had been dying around the zoo." NYT 9/25/99
7/26/99   ?
Epicenter: Minor decrease.
7/27/99   ?
Epicenter: Medium decrease.
7/28/99 "A pathologist at the zoo, Tracey McNamara, first noticed that large numbers of crows were dying, reaching 40 by August." ?
Epicenter: Medium decrease.
NYT 8/22/99
7/29/99 "There have been well over 1,000 reports of birds that died suddenly around the region since late July..." ?
Epicenter: Major decrease. NYC=Oasis?
NYT 9/29/99
"3,000 were reported to NYSDOH from New York City, Westchester County, and Nassau County... Given a geographic area of 600 square miles, the population of crows may have been 9,000 birds, indicating a mortality rate of 33%. If only half the bird deaths, dead crows, were reported, the mortality rate could have been twice as high." NYSDOH, eidtxt.doc
7/30/99   Epicenter: Major increase.  


Summary: July 1999

Summary of Map Modifications By EPA/DEC To
New York City Epicenter Ozone Readings
  Decrease Increase No Change
Major 5 1  
Medium 6 1  
Minor 3 3  


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