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50 Human Studies: A New Bibliography

This is the silver bullet for the extremely hazardous practice of ultrasound, a must read for anyone who cares about children's health or the health of society.

AmazPrior to this publication, the Chinese Human Studies, with few exceptions, had not been acknowledged within the Western realm.

These are modern clinical studies, with analytic technology generally beyond the tradition of Western ultrasound science. These studies were conducted during a virtual explosion of ultrasound research in China, 1988‑2011. They directly investigate damage to virtually all aspects and stages of the human fetus. They support and reference Western animal and cell studies that had been neutralized, ignored, or denied funding for continuation.

A Japanese translation is now available: 胎児エコーは危険 中国人体実験の衝撃

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Ultrasound Causation: The Hypothesis

This presents a well-documented Hypothesis, that the great microcephaly epidemic in Brazil was caused solely by a unique prenatal ultrasound program. Zika virus is a mere cover story dismissed even by Brazilian scientists. All causation suspects for the Brazil epidemic are critically reviewed and the last one standing is clearly ultrasound.

Implications are explored re U.S. microcephaly incidence, vaccines, rubella, prenatal X-rays, MACROcephaly, fetal ocular disorders, congenital heart disorders, childhood cancer and other so-called infectious diseases such as chorioamnionitis and GBS infection.

This book is based on Jim West's prior book, 50 Human Studies (below), presenting the inevitable and required discussion that must follow.

Part A presents The Hypothesis and critically reviews the mainstream propaganda. Parts B and C (available soon) provide detailed supporting documentation.

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DDT/Polio: Virology versus Toxicology

This contains three core research papers, updated and confirmed. Included is a public response history and most recent views since the original publication in 2001 (Townsend Letter). Very simple arguments are provided to critique excessive germ theories.

West's eloquent graphs were reproduced in the book, Autism:  The Diagnosis, Treatment, & Etiology of the Undeniable Epidemic (2010), by John Oller, Jr., PhD. The German biochemist, Stefan Lanka, PhD, wrote, “Your polio work is great – and of the greatest importance.” Jon Rappoport, the investigative journalist, supports West's work at NoMoreFakeNews.com. Anthony Brink, a leading proponent of the Perth Group, author, lawyer and judge in South Africa, supports West's work. West's graphs are reconfirmed in the book, Virus Mania (2003), by Torsten Englebrecht, journalist, and Claus Köhnlein, Doctor of Internal Medicine. Vaccine critics reference West, while arguing that hazardous vaccine programs are based on untenable germ fear, with Sheri Nakken, RN, an early supporter, and naturopaths and chiropractic doctors, such as Tedd Koren, DC and Tim O'Shea, DC.

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