New York City Vital Statistics
The Pesticide Spray Period of 1999 (9/3/99 to 10/12/99)
Compared against the previous 2 years (1997-1998)

"All of the chemical insecticides in use today are neurotoxicants and act by poisoning the nervous systems of the target organisms. The central nervous system (CNS) of insects is highly developed and not unlike that of the mammal... Given the fact that insecticides are not selective and affect nontarget species as readily as target organisms, it is not surprising that a chemical that acts on the insect nervous system will elicit similar effects in higher forms of life."
-- Casarett and Doull's Toxicology (McGraw-Hill, 1996, p648)

Description of Method

No. Title Comment
1a Detail Graphs of Pesticide Spray Period: 8/27/99 to 10/29/99 Detail view. Weekly, with trendlines (2 weeks before spray period to 2 weeks after the spray period) (Detail view)
1b Trendline Graphs of Pesticide Spray Period: 8/27/99 to 10/29/99 Concise summary view. Trendlines only, affixed at 0.
2a Detail Graphs of Pesticide Spray Period: 8/27/99 to 10/22/99 Detail view. Modified view frame (2 weeks before spray period to 1 week after the end of the spray period), giving slightly different trendlines than No. 1b, above.
2b Trendline Graphs of Pesticide Spray Period: 8/27/99 to 10/22/99 [Under Construction] Concise summary view. Trendlines only, affixed at 0.
3 Detail Graphs of Spring, Summer, Fall: 4/2/99 to 12/31/99 Weekly, for a 9 month period
4 Original Copies: 8/27/99 to 11/12/99 NYC VS weekly, original data, for reference

Petition from LieberR@aol.com,
forwarded by
Joyce Shepard, on Monday, 14 Aug 2000


WOW! WOW! WOW! Where did you ever get these many physicians to speak out. Let me know. Do they belong to an org? This is absolutely wonderful. I have to do this! You are the greatest.


At 12:42 PM 8/14/00 -0400, you wrote:

The following medical professionals from Stamford, CT have signed a petition that reads as follows:

We, the undersigned, as medical professional, believe that the current spraying of pesticides poses a significant health hazard to humans both in an immediate and long-term basis. The risk/benefit analysis clearly indicates that the dangers of WNV are to a very few people and are minimal. In comparison, the documented risks (i.e. Mount Sinai study on the risk of pyrethroids to breast cancer) and unquantifiable, yet very real, long-term health and environmental risks of ground spraying with this toxic chemical poses a much greater risk to the residents of Stamford. We call for an immediate halt to any further widespread spraying of pesticides to handle the concern of WNV. We hereby authorize the use of our names to be released with this letter to the Advocate, local and state public health and elected officials.


1.Arthur Rosenstock, M.D. Plastic Surgeon
2. Sherman Bull, M.D. , Surgery
3. Robert Blabey, M.D., Surgery
4. Emmy Lu, M.D. Pain Management
5. Lynn Morris, M.D., Internal Medicine/Oncology
6. Avi Weiner, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon
7. Deborah Tepper, M.D., Internal Medicine
8. V. Bhalodiya, M.D., Internal Medicine
9. Robert Labarre, M.D., Cardiologist
10. Dr. Brodsky, M.D., Cardiologist
11. Irene Nasaduke, M.D., Family Physician
12. Merill Jaffe, M.D., Anesthesiologist

Additions for 8/14

13. R. Margulis M.D. Anesthesiologist
14. J. Sarnelle M.D., Surgeon
15. T. Horbel M.D., Anesthesiologist
16. C Littlejohn M.D., Colorectal Surgeon
17. J. Freilicht, M.D., Anesthesiologist
18. E. Siderides, M.D., Ophthalmologist

Additional names forthcoming! (Including pediatrics)

1. Edith Feick, R.N., Endoscopy
2. Donna Karl, R.N. , Operating Room
3. Sandra M. Sconzo, R.N. , P.A.C.U
4. Kathy Fitzgerald, R.N, P.A.C.U
5. Karen Janos, R.N, CCU/P.A.C.U
6. Michelle Speer, R.N., Operating Room
7. Guita Razani, R.N, P.A.C.U
8. Maragarite Coppola, R.N. P.A.C.U
9. Kelly Danko, R.N., P.A.C.U
10. Margarite Mihailescu, R.N, Pain Management
11. KA. Ennis, R.N, Pediatrics
12. A. Mary Delago, R.N. , P.A.C.U
13. Pat Irish-Vincoli, R.N. Pain Management

Additions 8/14
14. Elizabeth Decarlo. R.N, Endoscopy
15. Charlene Sirowitz, R.N, Surgery
16. Leah Rubenstein, R.N, Operating Room

Other Medical Professionals

1. Gail Arnold, LPN, Internal Medicine
2. Carolyn Hines, Surgery Tech
3. Chris Willie, Nuclear Medicine
4. Maryann Lupinacci, Cardiology
5. Nina Diniro, Gyn.