Images Of Poliomyelitis

Staten Island Wildlife Refuge: 2000


Bob Zink, director, the director of United for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center on Staten Island, allowed me to compile this record from the daily log, and the data was graphically compared with EPA ozone data:

Detail: Log Activity vs Ozone (from 4/3/99- 10/31/99)
This shows data from 4/3/99 when both sets of data are available.
This is an astounding picture of the relation between air pollution and wildlife.


Detail: Log Activity vs Ozone (entire year)
All data available for 1999

This clearly shows a general correlation of log activity with ozone levels. Ozone data is not available for the entire year.


Moving Averages (for visual simplicity)

Ozone, WNV positives, spray program are shown.



Protocol for spreadsheet input of Bob Zink's log: All log entries are listed on the earliest date of mention for items called or brought in. Deaths are listed if the animal was brought in and died later.

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