Oil Refineries and Arbovirus Epidemics

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Working Theory: Arboviruses are biomarkers (or bio-indicators) of pollution stress. They are not causative, and have not been proved causative in the laboratory because they have not been isolated in the lab process. Heavy, air polluting industry correlates absolutely with all known WNV and SLE epidemics and/or high virus prevalence. As epidemics are investigated, data is provided in the following table. Please notify me regarding any exceptions to this theory.

From my investigation and those who have challenged it, I find It impossible to locate an arbovirus (WNV or SLE) epidemic without it being downwind from a nearby petrochemical refinery. The apparent exceptions to this rule are the light recent epidemics near the region of Florida/Georgia border, however, these epidemics occurred in areas where the heaviest industry in the region exists.

WNV/SLE Virus Epidemics and Oil Refineries
"Oil refineries are the largest single source of VOC emissions in the US." - House of Representatives Report 11/10/99
Type Date Location Activity Epidemic Image Pollution Image
WNV 2002, July Winnipeg, MB (Canada WNV crows central Winnepeg, SE Winnepeg, and  St. Andrews.    St. Boniface Refinery near SE Winnepeg.
WNV 2001 Monroe, in northern Louisiana WNV epidemic Downwind (wind flows from SE) from the largest petrochemical industrial region in the Western Hemisphere.  Air polluting industry in the immediate vicinity.
WNV 2001 Windsor, Ontario (Canada) WNV epidemic Downwind (prevailing winds flow from the SW) from adjacent petrochemical refinery.  Windsor is the sister city of Detroit, Michigan.
WNV 2001 NYS: Staten Island (near east side of NJ) Epicenter. First human case for 2001 (as of 8/13/01) WNV pos avians: Oil refineries are indicated with re circles, the NJ counties are colored according to year 2001 WNV positive density as of 8/9/01.  Prevailing winds flow generally from N and W.

Chevron refinery (Perth Amboy, NJ) is just southwest of Staten Island. Bayway refinery in Linden is north of the epidemic area; Gloucester refinery is to the west. 70% of US Atlantic oil flows through the Delaware Estuary

WNV 2001 NJ East Camden is very high incidence of WNV crows. WNV pos avians: 2 petrochemical refineries.  Prevailing winds flow generally from N and W.
WNV 2000 NYS : Staten Island WNV epicenter    
Refinery "" NJ : Perth Amboy      
WNV 1999 NYS : N. Queens Claimed to be the first WNV epidemic in the Western hemisphere.   2 Take-off Lanes at La Guardia, 5 Expressways, 2 major bridge exits.  Epidemic area is W of this airport.  Prevailing winds flow from N and W, generally, that is, from the airport to the epidemic region which is under the busiest of the take-off lanes.
WNV 2001 NJ : Middlesex County Highest WNV positives count in the US. (as of 8/9/01)   In the middle of NJ's petrochemical industrial region.
WNV 2001 NJ : Camden/Gloucester Counties (west side by Philadelphia) Highest WNV positives count in the US. (as of 8/9/01)   Oil refineries are indicated with blue circles, the NJ counties are colored according to year 2001 WNV positive density as of 8/9/01
WNV 2000 NJ : Middlesex County WNV epicenter    
SLE 1959-62 FL : Tampa SLE epicenter   Adjacent to the highest confluence of uranium ore processing plants in the country, working covertly as 'fertilizer plants'.  These plants exhausted fluorine related chemicals.  This information has only recently surfaced.
SLE 1983 TX : Houston and Baytown SLE epicenter   Petrochemical industry.
SLE ~1986 TX: Corpus Christi SLE epicenter   Petrochemical refineries.
SLE 1983 CA : Los Angeles SLE epicenter   High density of vehicles and petrochemical refineries
WNV 1999 Russia : Volgograd WNV epicenter   Heavy industry and petrochemical refineries.
WNV 1999 Israel : Haifa WNV epicenter   Petrochemical refineries.
WNV 1996 Romania : Bucharest WNV epicenter   Unregulated industry, notorious for air pollution.
SLE 1975 [I predict to find Akron] "There was an epidemic of SLE in Ohio during 1975, with 416 confirmed cases, 29 fatalities, and over 1100 additional suspect cases." - Ohio State    
SLE 19~ NYS: ~ "near Canadian border" [I predict to find near heavy industry near Lakes Ontario or Erie] SLE epidemic    
Refinery 19~ Israel: Negev      
SLE 1933 St. Louis, Missouri The first SLE epidemic.    
SLE, Sleeping Sickness 1933 East St. Louis, Illinois Epidemics concurrent with St. Louis SLE epidemic.   "The Pittsburg of the Midwest."  Large defense plant (Monsanto)