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"WNV" Encephalitis and Air Toxics

As of 8/16/00:

1) The WNV epidemic of 1999 only occurred in the tri-state region, no where else in the U.S. As of 7/28/2000, WNV positives have only been found in this region with the exception of a single positive bird found in Boston. The New York Times (8/8/00), while insisting that the virus had never been found in the U.S. previous to 1999 (though never looked for previously), felt confident to write (without stating numbers) that in the year 2000, "the epidemic is settling in... it has spread as far as Boston", when only 89 WNV positive birds had been found, all in the original tri-state epidemic area (Boston, the single exception). Only one human case (non-fatal) had been found so far in 2000, in Staten Island, when in 1999, 59 human cases were found. The epidemic of 2000 should have been described with the numbers, thus clearly indicating that the epidemic has shrunk 95%, staying within the original epidemic area. The lack of evidence should be admitted for the arrogant statement of "first arrival" for the West Nile virus.

2) Notice in the National Atlas maps, the "political" West Nile virus of year 2000. It neatly follows state lines, exempting Connecticutt, as of 7/28/00.

3) Information from various sources, EPA, DEP, or other, must be put together piecemeal. Notice how the NRDC portrays Staten Island (Richmond) as an area free of carcinogenic air pollution, when Staten Island is has some of the worst cancer incidence in the country. I recently spoke to a person who personally knew many people there in their 40s who had died from cancer.

4) The tri-state region has unique pollution characteristics, unique EPA categorization (non-attainment, Severe-17), unique RFG and RFG oxygenated fuel requirements (MTBE), numerous expressways, heavy industry, and carcinogenic air-toxin levels that are 421 times the EPA safe level. According to the NRDC:

"New York City and Surrounding Area: "New York County (Manhattan), one of the five counties within New York City, has the highest risk in the state with air toxics levels 421 times EPA’s safe level. In Kings County (Brooklyn), also within New York City, the levels of air toxics are 320 times EPA’s safe level of carcinogens in air."

The most carcinogenic air-toxic area of Manhattan is an East-West swath across Central Park, river to river. This has been the area of WNV positive humans and dead birds in 1999-2000. "Carcinogenic" does not mean that toxicity is limited to cancer causation. It is just an available air toxics study, used herein to indicate potential air neurotoxic, in lieu.

New York State Air Monitors (1999)
New York State Carcinogenic Air Toxics (1999)
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York State Maximum Ozone (1999)
NE US (Accumulative to 8/4/00, with Roads): Reported Dead Birds (Yellow) and WNV Positive Birds (Red),
Not Participating (Med-Gray), No Dead Birds Reported (Light-Gray)
National Atlas
Tri-State (Accumulative to 7/28/00) (Legend) National Atlas
Tri-State (Accumulative 7/28/00) (Legend) With Roads National Atlas
New York State, as of 8/4/2000: WNV-Positive Crows Per County
Tri-State (Accumulative 7/28/00) (Legend) With Railroads National Atlas
Northeast U.S.: DEC Ozone Monitors (As of 1995)
NE (Accumulative to 7/28/00) (Legend) National Atlas
Superimposition of "Oxy-Fuel News" Map and Tri-State Non-Attainment Area, County Map
Tri-State Region, Severe-17 Areas (1999-2000)
Northeast U.S. (zoom-in) From "Oxy-Fuel News" Oxy-Busters