Color Codes Legend

Ozone Maps: Color Codes

The timelines consist of AIRNOW ozone maps of interpolated station monitor data (8-hour and 1-hour averaged values).

The map value codes for 8-hour maps are:

For more information see AIRNOW maps and related information at: http://www.epa.gov/airnow

Monitor Station Data: My Color Codes (Year 1999 Only)

Also included are raw data from monitor stations at the epidemic areas, i.e., measurements of air toxics (NO2, O3) as daily median readings at 15th Ave in College Point (Queens) and Gerard Avenue (Bronx).

These monitor station color codes are basically similar to the EPA 8-hour codes. They are designed by me to express the full range values of 1999, to maximize the reader's perception of various air toxic levels during 1999. For example, in 1999, NO1 (example below) fluctuated mostly between 20 and 69.

Full Range Values Of 1999
Ozone NO1 NO2 Color
11 19 20  
19 29 26  
25 41 34  
36 69 43  
42 106 56